Nieuws II

Amsterdam Enjoy is lucky to be able to ask the master artist some questions:

There is always something Scary, something Eerie in your Beautiful Worlds. I once heard a Japanese Artist say: ‘Beauty is fear’ How do you see this..??

Things are often more complex than they seem and this is true of life. We have all experienced those kinds of times or we will. There are many kinds of beauty and to indulge in it too much can be perilous. It would behoove us not to have a sensible amount of fear of beauty. My work has a story that unfolds and some parts of that story are disturbing. I try to be kind to the viewer and when I present this disturbing part of the story and I am trying to be kind to the disturbing memory itself …as if it has a life of its own. I want to wrap it up in something beautiful like any mother does….this is a way of being kind and gentle and caring. It’s also a trap for prey and above all things …. my girls are hunters.

You often speak of ‘Nostalgic Hunger’. Longing for the Past.? Unsatisfied with Modern Fashion…?

My love of the past and my own sense of nostalgia take nothing away from the present or the future. I am excited to live in this time and love the energy of freedom in creativity that we are living through. I also am one of those rare people who see a great future for the human species and a great hope for things to come. I have a belief that the more we are aware of all the challenges and struggles that face us the more we will stand up to them and find interesting and creative solutions to overcome them or live with them. Its true I love the past and as an artist I have to honor what has been built in the past and what we now call “modern Fashion” has its deep roots in the building blocks of the worlds that came before us. When I look at modern fashion I see the past as I work at building my knowledge of what has come before.


Van Gogh was convinced that People could be Cured by looking at his Paintings. Would you be surprised if someone gets Sick from looking at your Work..?

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