AMSTERDAM TO THE WORLD

Amsterdam, Netherlands, month of September 2012.

For the first time in history, planet Earth has an representative city, leader of the human race, leader of a good life!! Amsterdam, as the most multinational city, one of the most open and free society of this planet, the city full of Art creators & lovers, the place with a wonderful life harmony, “packed” with free minded people, connected to all “worlds”, home for everyone!! This city has been declared as “THE CAPITAL OF THE PLANET EARTH”!! An idea which has been transmitted through the centuries, of: equal, free, harmonious society, which is meant to lead human race through the peaceful life time on our planet, is visible and needed more than ever. Amsterdam starting to talk to the population of all “countries”, population of this planet, on an official way, saying and leading our future in peace, peace on the Planet Earth!!

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